🎰Platform Users

10% of all WickedBet.com's profit.

Hand in hand with a top of the industry reward system for all WickedBet.com users, they will also get direct profit share added to their accounts. All volume on WickedBet.com will be totaled into a pool, each individual player on WickedBet.com who added to this fortnightly pool of volume will be assigned their share of the pool.

For example, if WickedBet.com has $10,000,000 fortnightly volume and you personally had $100,000 of volume that fortnight. You would own 1% of the fortnightly pool. 10% of that fortnight’s profit will then be assigned to the fortnightly volume pool and distributed fairly to each player from that fortnight.

Once our rewards system is live, the 10% profit sharing system will change to our rewards system. We offer instant rakeback, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly bonuses. This system will be the best rewards system the gambling industry has ever seen.

Our rewards system will revolutionize the industry. Up to 120% rakeback and yearly bonuses are unheard of. After developing control groups with gambling streamers, the groups can’t believe what we’re about to release. Gamblers who play on different platforms will try us out and stay hooked after receiving one daily bonus. This will cause a massive influx and retention of new players. More platform volume means more profit means more profit shared with $WIK holders. Making $WIK a more wanted token.

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