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Welcome to WickedBet

WickedBet… Win the Lot!
We proudly present a brand-new and unique experience in the GambleFi world with our flagship product - Fully-Insured Lotto Betting on International lotteries and at a considerably lower cost than standard ticket purchasing; through our own $WIK token and other cryptocurrencies.
Whether you, or people you know already play the lottery in their own country; or whether you've never played before, our goal is to give the same chance of winning lotto prizes for a lower cost to everybody - and have our $WIK token holders earn in the process!
We currently know of no other GambleFi project that has the potential for users to win jackpots of up to $50Million. This is indeed new territory! We are so proud to be the prime-mover in this collaboration between the online gaming and cryptocurrency industry - a true GambleFI project. Together we're going to make fully-insured lotto betting a worldwide phenomenon. Do we really want to see Multi-Million dollar winners? Hell yes! We cannot wait to start handing over huge prizes to our amazing users, and rewards to our wonderful $WIK token holders.
On top of our flagship products, we will also house our very own Crypto Casino, Sports Betting and a first of its kind Web3 PvP Arena for those who take gambling… personally.
Whitepaper Disclaimer Notice
This whitepaper is for information purposes only. Nothing within it should be considered investment advice. We recommend that all potential investors do their own research (DYOR) before making financial decisions. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk and should be done responsibly. As with any gaming or investment product, you must be of adult legal age in your jurisdiction to participate.
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