Holding $WIK, now and in the future.

Available Now

  • Holding 100,000+ $WIK automatically enables you for an automatic WIK Share payout.

  • $WIK held benefits from our deflationary system that burns all transferred $WIK into WickedBet.com.

  • Holding $WIK on WickedBet.com automatically enters you into our staking pools. With no lock-up required.

  • All $WIK will be entered into a Community Key raffle where you could get paid 1% of all WickedBet.com's profits for that semi-monthly period.

Our Plan

  • Holding $WIK is about to benefit from our profit based buy back and burn plans. 👀

  • Holding $WIK will automatically enter you into our holder lottery where you can earn tax.

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